The Greenhouse  and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute have kicked off the third semester of the NYU Prototyping Fund, awarding grants of up to $500 to 10 teams of students from around the university to help them build hardware and software prototypes.

For the third semester in a row, we received a record number of applications for the awards. This semester, 53 teams applied, comprised of over 120 students representing 10 NYU schools. Of the 10 teams chosen, 7 are collaborations between students from two or more schools. The quality of the applications continues to rise as well, which made the selection process this semester harder than ever.

As in past semesters, the selected teams not only receive money, but also training on prototyping best practices and access to equipment and tools to help with the prototyping process. Chris Milne from IDEO again joined us to conduct a workshop to help educate fund recipients on what prototyping is, why it is important, and what makes a good prototype.  With the opening of the Leslie eLab this year, all NYU students also have access to new prototyping tools and supplies at the Leslie eLab’s Prototyping space, as well as to some talented NYU alumni who are on staff at the Leslie eLab to help assist students with their prototyping projects.

If you missed out on this semester’s awards, don’t worry, we’ll be offering the grants again in the spring. Stay in the loop about this and other programs and events by following the Greenhouse blog.

Congratulations to the following teams for being selected for the Fall 2014 NYU Prototyping Fund awards!

  • Fine Motor Tech: Salem Al-Mansoori (ITP); Diana Freed (ITP); Michelle Penso (Steinhardt); Michael Ricca (ITP)
  • HydrateMe: Songee Hahn (ITP); Dalit Shalon (ITP); Abhishek Singh (ITP)
  • HydrOne: Maryam Allehbi (Stern); Charlotte Baranne (Stern); Anmar El-Khalil (Stern)
  • InVisix: Alexander Dillon (Med); Anmar El-Khalil (Stern)
  • Lovoy: Luna Chen (ITP); Robert Lee (Stern); Roger Oliveira (Engineering); Xiaoyi Yuan (CAS)
  • MRI-Compatible Spirometer: Li Feng (Med); Andrew Lynch (Engineering)
  • Neuromuscular Rehab Biosensor: John Henry (Engineering); Jay Kumar (Engineering); Khanak Nangia (Engineering); Gabe Peyser (Stern)
  • Nikola: Daniel Basner (CAS); Robert Gardner (CAS); Adam Jackrel (CAS)
  • Sensory Soles: Claire Bradley (Stern); Ayanna Seals (Engineering); Ting-yun Yeh (Stern)
  • Yorrick: Marcus Cimino (Med); Manavjeet Sidhu (Med, Stern)

See the winners of last semester’s awards here and a brief overview of the Prototyping  Showcase.

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OpenStorm Reflections

Hello all

We had another fun and productive OpenStorm for the Zero to Five Challenge on OpenIdeo.

Starting with a fun sketching ice breaker, we used the brainstorm in a box guideline for the structure of the workshop. We had 3 groups of 3 people each and every group picked the theme they were most interested in. Eventually 2 of the groups’ ideas ended up building off each other! 2 of the ideas were based on creating awareness through engaging community and the third one was about spreading awareness combined with gamified interaction with parents. We hope to see these ideas posted on the platform soon!IMG_20141023_185733

We had a mixed group of people, with some experienced OpenIdeators along with students from Steinhardt and the school of engineering. A warm thank you to all our attendees to have come on such a nippy evening!

Here are few more photos!IMG_20141023_185716IMG_20141023_185727IMG_20141023_183621

UX for Beginners Workshop!

On Oct 8, we had an UX for beginners workshop at Magnet with Abigail. Over 20 students joined and we had a great in learning and sharing!


After a short intro, we started our first assignment – Sketch a homepage for a camping website. Given where you are camping and what kind of camping.


Later Abigail asked, ‘Who are you designing this for?’, which raised the most important lesson in UX Design, it’s all about the user.

Then we moved to user personas. Personas are real people with background, goals and values. User personas reflect users’ expectations and how they’re likely to use the site.

We came up with a  Greek student Mark, age 18 -22. He is a college student with part time job. Computer experienced and mobile pro. He lives in Greece, and there are many small islands, where people go camping and find their ‘camping buddies’. Thus Mark possibly go to camping alone, or according to his testimonial ‘I want to find a spot to go camping with my kid/kids

Then we began the second round sketch taking consideration of this Mark. It is interesting to see we modified our design.


At the end of the workshop, Abigail shared the major takeaways and useful resources with us. The deck is attached.

Major takeaway:

- It’s all about user.

- Before everything, go to know them. Once you are ready, do so with them in mind.

- Sketching is easy, it helps you make ideas tangible. Do it!

- Personas represent your actual users and make them more real.

Click HERE for the deck!

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