Ted Selker Lecture – “Excubate: New Technology Business Creation”, April 22nd

Ted Selker, director of Research on Accessible Voting at University of California, Berkeley, will be at NYU on April 22 to deliver a lecture about approaches for professionalizing new technology business creation and different models of how entrepreneurship grows out of the invention process. In consideration of the problems of current innovation models, the presentation will offer a model called “excubate”: a new entrepreneurial investment model which can increase innovations’ chances for success.

BIO: Ted Selker directs Research on Accessible Voting at University of California Berkeley. Ted spent 5 years as director of Considerate Systems research at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley. He was also responsible for developing the campus’s research mission, teaching HCI, Android product design, and research in voting with disabilities.

He is well known as a creator and tester of new scenarios for working with computing systems. His design practice includes speaking engagements, innovation workshops consulting. He is CTO of Foldimate for which he made a shirt-folding robot this year.

Ted spent ten years as an associate Professor at the MIT Media Laboratory where he created the Context Aware Computing group, co-directed the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project, and directed the CIDI Kitchen of the future/ product design of the future project. His work is noted for creating demonstrations of a more considerate world in which intentions are recognized and respected in complex domains.

His successes at targeted product creation and enhancement lead to his role of IBM Fellow and director of User Systems Ergonomics Research at IBM. He has also served as a consulting professor at Stanford University, taught at Hampshire, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Brown Universities and worked at Xerox PARC and Atari Research Labs.

Ted’s innovation has been responsible for profitable and award winning products ranging from notebook computers to operating systems. For example, his design of the TrackPoint in-keyboard pointing device is used in many notebook computers. His visualization and visual interface work has made impacts in the performance of the PowerPC, usability in OS/2, ThinkPad setup, Google maps, etc. His adaptive help system has been the basis of products as well. Ted’s work has resulted in numerous awards, patents, and papers and has often been featured in the press. Ted was co-recipient of the Computer Science Policy Leader Award for Scientific American 50 in 2004, the American Association for People with Disabilities Thomas Paine Award for his work on voting technology in 2006 and the Telluride Tech fest award in 2008.

Detail Summary:
Tuesday, April 22
Kimmel Center for University Life (60 Washington Square South) - Room 405
Free and open to all NYU faculty and students

Hackers Kitchen @ The Greenhouse!


Ever wondered how artists create things?

Ever wondered if you could turn one of your old broken down ipods into something cool?

Come join our experts, Chris Milne and Brian Halloran, as they create cool things out of nothing but a pile of e-waste!

Chris Milne is a Senior Designer at Ideo and a prolific Tinkerer who jumped at the chance of being involved in this endeavour.

Brian Halloran is a sculptor and he loves to build things on the fly! He is currently working with world famous sculptor Pawel Althamer.

Join us for this fun-filled day of tinkering. Refreshments will be provided!

RSVP here

Student Entrepreneurs @ NYU – URLINQ !

The Greenhouse has seen a lot of student entrepreneurs working in the space and taking part in our events. So we decided to do a new series- Student Entrepreneurs @ NYU. We want to present the awesome stories of these student entrepreneurs to inspire our readers and also to applaud their efforts!


URLINQ-  An Academic Network for students to better navigate the university!


NYU is a university in a city, very unique and peculiar.  The buildings scattered all across the city, identified by the NYU flags. But it also means that everything at NYU is fragmented. Imagine what a Freshman goes through; so many schools, so many clubs, so many activities! It can be incredibly difficult to connect in such an environment. This is where URLINQ steps in.

URLINQ wants to create the environment where students and professors can connect based on their interests and have meaningful, intellectual conversations. This raises the question: How can they ensure intellectual conversations and not another social network for people to post pictures of their lunch? Well, as explained by Ross Kopelman, founder of this venture, there are 2 kinds of people in the digital world; Content creators and Content readers. URLINQ focuses on the former.  The team has put in a lot of effort in creating the right environment, the right context for such an exchange of thoughts to take place. Their primary focus is on building the network of Content creators.

The URLINQ team consists of 15 NYU students currently, all with different backgrounds and from different countries! The diversity is balanced by assigning roles that play to every members strengths. Its a very close knit team and Ross stresses on the importance of strengthening every member of the team by involving them in all the decisions. A very good example of managing the benefits derived from diversity while avoiding the pitfalls!

URLINQ has been deeply inspired by President Sextons idea of making NYU a truly global university. By focusing on the truly essential part of connecting students and providing them with a fertile environment for academic and intellectual development, URLINQ aims to create a real and major impact.

Best of luck to URLINQ ! For the DemoDays and also future endeavors!

Look out for more such stories in this space!

- Greenhouse Team

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