UX for Beginners Workshop!

On Oct 8, we had an UX for beginners workshop at Magnet with Abigail. Over 20 students joined and we had a great in learning and sharing!


After a short intro, we started our first assignment – Sketch a homepage for a camping website. Given where you are camping and what kind of camping.


Later Abigail asked, ‘Who are you designing this for?’, which raised the most important lesson in UX Design, it’s all about the user.

Then we moved to user personas. Personas are real people with background, goals and values. User personas reflect users’ expectations and how they’re likely to use the site.

We came up with a  Greek student Mark, age 18 -22. He is a college student with part time job. Computer experienced and mobile pro. He lives in Greece, and there are many small islands, where people go camping and find their ‘camping buddies’. Thus Mark possibly go to camping alone, or according to his testimonial ‘I want to find a spot to go camping with my kid/kids

Then we began the second round sketch taking consideration of this Mark. It is interesting to see we modified our design.


At the end of the workshop, Abigail shared the major takeaways and useful resources with us. The deck is attached.

Major takeaway:

- It’s all about user.

- Before everything, go to know them. Once you are ready, do so with them in mind.

- Sketching is easy, it helps you make ideas tangible. Do it!

- Personas represent your actual users and make them more real.

Click HERE for the deck!

Solving global problems- Ideation and Prototyping at the Greenhouse.

Hello All

Following our tradition of supporting and being part of challenges posted on OpenIdeo, we are organizing 2 great ideation and prototyping workshops in the coming weeks!

1) Zero to Five challenge

How might parents in low-income communities ensure children thrive in their first five years ?

to collaboratively design solutions that ensure children everywhere not only survive – but thrive – in their early years. Supported by Amplify and UKAid.

We will be facilitating an ideation session involving members of the OpenIdeo NYC meetup and students from all across NYU. Join us if you are interested in the topic or just want to contribute to solving an interesting problem.

RSVP here

2) Ebola Hackathon

How might we rapidly equip and empower the care community to fight Ebola?

Ebola is rapidly spreading across West Africa and the death-toll is rising. USAID and partners have seen a clear urgency for innovative ideas to improve healthcare delivery and restrict the spread of the disease. On September 26th, 2014, President Obama announced this need and called upon everyone, together, to design the next solution.

The Greenhouse and Design Tinkering club have decided to answer the call made by USAID and OpenIDEOs challenge to bring together technologists, makers, hackers, designers, activists, and medical experts to work together to come up with implementable solutions to address this issue. We are collaborating with multiple organizations, including The GovLab@NYU, to bring together the NYU community to tackle this issue and raise awareness about the seriousness of infectious disease.

More info here : https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/hack-ebola-at-nyu-number-hackebolanyu

Startup Bootcamp for NYU Scientists and Engineers

On November 4th, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute will be hosting Startup Bootcamp for NYU Scientists & Engineers at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Farkas Auditorium from 12:30pm-4:30pm!

Note:  This event is open to NYU Faculty, Phds, Post-docs and Masters level students.

Startup Bootcamps are half-day events intended to expose our faculty, graduate students, and researchers to the basic activities and best practices for commercializing academic research via a startup venture. 
The agenda is as follows:
  • 12:30pm Introduction
  • 12:45pm Business Model Development & Validation
  • 2:00pm IP 101-Working with OIL (Office of Industrial Liaison)
  • 2:45pm Break (light refreshments)
  • 3:00pm Funding 101-Venture Capital & Non-dilutive Sources
  • 3:30pm Startup Resources at NYU
  • 4:00pm NYU Entrepreneurs Fireside Chat
  • 4:30pm Networking Reception (light refreshments)

​Lunch will be served!

Register here for more details!

Please feel free to share this opportunity within your networks!

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