We are officially the NYU DFA Studio! Come and join us!

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Hi all,

we are proud and thrilled to announce that the previous Design Tinkering club has officially become the NYU Design for America Student chapter: http://designforamerica.com/new-studios-announced-for-fall-2015/

We’ve worked hard to join Design for America and learn a lot on the way, and are looking to learn even more in coming months and years about human-centered design and creative problem solving; and of course to develop projects which will have impact on our communities locally and globally. Another thing that we are really excited about is that we are joining a network of over 800 students from 29 universities around the country like you, using creative problem solving for social good.

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Pictures from our WE campaign as part of the DFA application process

It all started at the School of Engineering but this is not a School of Engineering club (It never was and we had students from other schools joining at some points). It is the DFA studio for NYU “at large” and we are really excited to broaden and strengthen our connections across the different NYU schools and campuses.  We love collaboration, and we believe that many minds, especially if they have different expertises, are much better than one!

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We will soon have a new email address but in the meantime, you can reach out to us by email at designtinkering@poly.edu

to learn more about our future projects and start planning the fall (or simply join in the fall).

In the meantime, you should check the James Dyson award for engineers and designers.

Looking forward to working with you all to develop our creative problem solving skills for social good.

NYU DFA studio


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