The Fall semester is starting: Don’t be sad, there’s so much to do and learn…


Here we are! The fall semester is starting while the summer weather is still with us. Let’s not be nostalgic of the summer and all the great things we did as there is so much awaiting for us, at least that’s how we think at the Greenhouse.

During the summer, we’ve been working at the Greenhouse to plan a great programing for the Fall: next Monday (September 8), we have a visitor from Kathmandu, Nepal which will share with us the work of her organization, Women for Human Rights, with single women in Nepal; the Youth Cafe Series (brought by Design Tinkering) has wonderful speakers lined up (make sure to mark your calendar and register for the cafes); and we have our Prototyping Month starting soon.  During that month, we offer you several pop-up workshops which will give you an opportunity to learn or brush up your prototyping skills and start playing with your ideas. It is also a great way for you to get ready for the Prototyping Fund (sponsored by Greenhouse and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute). Add to this a few more events we have on the back burner and that we will share with you very soon. So stay tuned on follow our blog.

And of course, you’re always welcome to come and work with your friends or teammates on projects in our space. We love having people brainstorming and collaborating: that’s what this space is for!

Last but not least, we are very excited to have been chosen to feature on a video series Making Room for Creativity produced by NCIIA and Epicenter (Stanford) and NSF: Watch a sneak preview 

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: or talk to Yuan or Nikhil, the Greenhouse Guardians.

So welcome (back) and looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

The Greenhouse Team               

Welcome from the 2 Greenhouse Guardians!

Dear all,

whether you are regular visitors of the Greenhouse or you’ve just joined NYU, and have just found about us, we would like to welcome to the Greenhouse, a collaborative space that stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration, prototyping and innovation. The culture of the Greenhouse aims to nurture seedlings of ideas and bring ideas to life through iteration and experimentation. 

The Greenhouse is a space, it is also a program with many talks, workshops and skill shares. It is also a place where you can find like-minded people, resources, and connections to other schools. This space is hosted, managed and “guarded” by two students every semester. This Fall, our Greenhouse guardians are Yuan Wang and Nikhil  (see below for their bio).You can find one of them every day in the space. Please don’t hesitate to go and ask them questions, or come up with suggestions or an idea for a new workshop or speaker. 

Make sure to follow our blog to know more about our upcoming events.

Looking forward for a great semester!

The Greenhouse team


Note: While we are located in the basement NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, our space and events are open to students from all schools at NYU. 




Yuan photo

Hi, I am Yuan. I am an Electrical Engineer by training. I grew up in China and spent past few years in New Mexico, mainly focus on research in information and coding theory. Yes, the land of enchantment, the land of breaking bad. 

Now I am doing my master in Management of Technology and in the transition to more design driven field. I joined the Greenhouse since last August and learned more than I could imagined during the time working here. Greenhouse is a prototype, but more than that, it is growing and evolving all the time. We see changes along the journey, incremental but significant. 



I am Nikhil, a young professional with a craving passion to innovate. I strive to make difference through creative ideas and effective implementation strategies. I have an interesting history of settling in different places. Raised in Hyderabad (India), Worked in Dubai (UAE), now pursuing my Masters in Management of Technology at NYU Polytechnic School of engineering. 

As a frequent “brainstormer” I cannot find any place better than Greenhouse where one can can sit down, brainstorm and collaborate ideas. It is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs which excites me to work for this space. As a proud guardian of GreenHouse, I am looking forward to be a part of the journey of these young innovators.

Learning about Women For Human Rights’ action in Nepal

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.03.05 PMAs part of the Women Safety OpenIDEO challenge, a group of students from Design Tinkering have collaborated with Women for Human Rights, an NGO based in Kathmandu, Nepal on an idea, Community Concierge, which was selected with 4 other ideas to be funded by

As part of our collaboration with WHR, we have invited Lily Thapa, the founder and director of Women For Rights and an Ashoka Fellow  to come and visit our Design Tinkering team to work on the piloting of our idea.

During her visit, Lily Thapa will give a presentation on the condition of “single women” (or widows) in Nepal and the work WHR is doing to help them speak out and deal with the social and economic barriers that they face.

We are very excited by this wonderful opportunity! Please join us on September 8th, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at NYU School of Engineering.

Please register here


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