Congratulations to two Prototyping Fund teams!

We’d like to congratulate two teams that made it to the 200 K Challenge semi-finals: one, Cognitive ToyBox showcased their idea at our Spring’ 14 Prototyping Showcase, the other, Lovoy, was at the Greenhouse only a few weeks ago for our Fall Prototyping Showcase.

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Cognitive ToyBox develops toys backed by science, bringing cutting edge academic research from the lab, to the marketplace, and to the home. Their first product – a toy that introduces the concept of shape bias.

Shung Huang (Stern); Lindsey Jones (Stern); Tammy Kwan (Stern); Tianyu Wu (ITP) (Team for the Prototyping Fund).


Lovoy A mobile app for food delivery volunteering. By matching delivery routes with drivers’ planned routes, drivers can volunteer on their way.

Qingyuan Chen, MPS ‘15, ITP; Xiaoyi Yuan, BA ‘17, CAS, Lirong Liu, MPS ‘16, ITP; Yifan Hu, MPS ‘16, ITP

Congratulations to both teams and good luck in the coming weeks as they keep working on their ideas.

OpenStorm Reflections on Renewable Energy!

On Nov 19, we had an OpenStorm workshop on renewable energies at the Greenhouse. The group was small but passionate.


Participants had various background, including thermo technology, community culture, and education. We started with a short introduction to the challenge, How might communities lead the rapid transition to renewable energy and the OpenIDEO platform. Then we paired into 4 teams using the interview kit to dig deeper on the stories, experiences, and insights.


Check Bike sharing woes one of our research posts.


OpenStorm2-2After the interviews, each team shared their learnings and a very interesting discussion took place, including topics such as the local renewable energy unities in Brooklyn and mixed perceptions on renewable energy. We also got to learn about black rock forrest, a reservation runs on renewable energy in upstate New York.

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